As well as exploring your goals and aspirations as a coach, I am also focused around my clients wellbeing both physically and mentally as I believe that wellbeing is the foundation for a happy healthy and long life.

About you

There are many reasons for considering a coach. You may be at a crossroads with your career, a particular life challenge and looking for solutions or perhaps a direction towards a particular goal, or simply looking for ways to develop your strengths to propel you towards living the life you truly want to be living. By looking for a coach and exploring some possible solutions, you have taken the first step in reaching your full and deserved potential.

In our first discussion, which is free and without any obligation, we will explore the main reasons for your decision in considering some coaching. This is called the chemistry stage and provides an opportunity for you to decide your next steps in your journey of being the best you.

My coaching style has been described as informal, but is always centred around listening intently and understanding the needs of my clients and empowering their motivation to take action to achieve the lasting results they are looking for.

You first

As well as exploring your goals and aspirations as a coach, I am also focused around my clients wellbeing both physically and mentally as I believe that wellbeing is the foundation for a happy, healthy and long life. As they say in aviation, this often starts with placing the oxygen mask on first and taking a close look at how you can help you. We all have busy lives and varying degrees of responsibility, whether that’s in business, leadership, parenting or looking after a loved one.

To truly be able to take care of others, I believe you must first look after yourself as if you were a person that you cared for deeply. In this regard I have comprehensively studied what I believe to be the main pillars of wellness, which start with sleep, movement, nutrition, and stress management.

As part of our discussion, we can look into these areas and discuss simple steps as to how you might be able to improve your energy levels and function more effectively.

Changing limiting habits and forming lasting empowering ones

An area that is often helpful to explore are daily habits and subconscious behaviours. The first step is awareness and an understanding of how our subconscious behavior works. With any life change, it is all about consistency over intensity, little and often and by using tools to help incrementally adjust some of those less helpful habits and replacing them with those that will improve your wellbeing. You will feel more empowered and in control of optimising your life and the lives of those around you.

I have created videos and pdf summaries for you to download and keep on subjects such as forming lasting habits, nutrition, mindset and other wellbeing topics. The summaries include links to many of the books, research and literature that has dramatically changed my own life.

Reframing your story

In some clients, it can be useful to explore and create awareness around some of the internal stories we tell ourselves. Our busy minds seem to be constantly chattering in the background and let’s be honest are not always our best friends and don’t always serve us as well as we would like. In our discussion we can explore these beliefs and together design tools to support freeing ourselves from the shackles of limiting beliefs, changing some of the stories that we so often tell ourselves which become embedded in our subconscious often limiting us from achieving our full potential and harnessing the power we hold within.

Where to coach

With your busy lifestyle, you may have a preference as to how and where you would like to meet. I am completely flexible and whether using technology, like Zoom / Teams or meeting in person or taking a walk in nature or a combination of all three together we will find the right environment that suits and inspires!