Whether running your own business or working for another, we can all benefit from meaningful conversation. Wherever you are on your journey, I can help and support you.

Coaching to suit you

Whether you own your own business or have a career within a company there are milestones to reach and hurdles to overcome. Leading a team, changing roles, working to deadlines, looking for the next opportunity or trying to manage your time to find a balance between career and home are challenges that require serious consideration. If there is one thing that I have learnt it is that life is a marathon and not a sprint and like a marathon, every step requires careful and thoughtful planning.

For some of my clients, they have reached their business goals, and are reflecting on their achievements and wondering what next?        For others, they may have hit a wall and the heavy burden of responsibility has become too much and are often suffering from work fatigue and are searching for a complete re-assessment of their life and career.

As an executive coach I cover all of these areas and through carefully discussing your past experiences, challenges, goals and aspirations we can, together, create concrete strategies for moving forward to the next chapter of your life.

Wherever you are on your journey, I can help and support you.

Through my life and career, I have experienced all of the emotions I describe above, which in my role as a coach, now assists me in being able to relate to many of the career and life challenges that my clients are going through.

I have had a varied career, working in retail and property. In 1991 I set up and established a successful Real Estate business growing and developing a valuable culture with a team of brilliant people who established us as the market leader, considered in the top 1% within the industry. In 2015 we sold that business to a medium size multi disciplined partnership, which I joined as a partner and a key stakeholder, supporting in the eventual sale to a global billion euro Real Estate company, a subsidiary of the world’s fifth largest bank. This broad experience has provided me with key insights and skills in developing and navigating challenges in different business cultures, which I am able to utilize to support my executive clients from CEO’s and business owners to those in operational support.

As a business owner and Senior Director I have been responsible for building brands, implementing process and developing teams with technical and human skills training creating a positive “can do” inclusive culture. In creating my own personal strategies and resources, I have developed a framework of tools and resources that cover many aspects of ‘being the best you’. Through discussion and sharing, we can work through these tools, empowering you to a position of strength and confidence to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Working within your business

At the heart of a successful business are the people, who’s motivation and drive are essential for delivering consistent results. Creating a culture of great people requires focus and care. As a performance coach, I work closely with my corporate clients providing a structured programme of regular team talks on performance enhancing subjects around wellness, achieving goals, creating lasting habits and communication. These have proven to help team engagement and encourage an organisational value system of care, supporting recruitment and retention.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about our corporate programmes and how these can positively impact your business.

  • “Simon has been a tremendous support through my career transition to CEO. Working with Simon has helped me discover my strengths and supported me in unpacking some of the challenges and supporting me with positive focus. Having Simon to talk to on a confidential basis and with his broad career, life experiences and knowledge has been incredibly valuable.”

  • “We have been partnering with Simon for over a year on a programme of wellness and coaching for our team. Simon has proved to be a valuable and integral part of our company with insightful talks on a wide range of performance enhancing subjects and general wellness. Simon’s approach and style has created a positive engagement in these important subjects, supporting our culture of attracting and retaining great people. I would genuinely recommend Simon to any business that is looking to add value to their team's development.”